What Are The Effects of Drug Abuse

effects of drug abuse and addictionThe effects of drug abuse is centered around its chemical addiction. Drugs have different chemical compositions that affects the body in different ways, which is why, even prescription drugs can become an addiction. Many different drugs can change a person’s body and brain, which alters their behavior, sometimes permanently. The effects of drug abuse, targets the brain’s system, by triggering excess amounts of dopamine, which controls our emotions, motivations, pleasure feelings, and thought processes. When drugs enter the brain, they make a change within our lives, often in a harmful or end of life ways.

Doctors believe that the main causes of a person becoming addicted to drugs, include genetics, influenced by DNA traits, as well as the environment. Also, all types of drugs triggers the dopamine parts of the brain, but, after you have taken the drug for a period of time, the feel good parts of your brain, continually craves it. Of course, then you begin to need more of the drug to get and keep that good feeling experience. Soon, your brain and body must have the drug to feel, what you believe to be normal, and if you don’t get it, then you feel sick and crave its effects.

The CDC and the U.S. Department of Health, have reported that drug abuse causes more deaths, illnesses, and disabilities than any other health condition. The affects of drug abuse is damaging to the human body because it affects nearly every organ within the human body. Many effects of drug abuse, can cause the following:

• heart disease, especially when drugs are injected because it causes veins and blood vessels to collapse quickly;
• causes the liver to overwork, thus becoming damaged and to fail;
• weakens the body’s immune system making people open to infections, diseases, and illnesses;
• makes you feel like crap, with nauseousness, vomiting, and abdominal pain;
• causes mental confusion, memory problems, which will impact a person’s everyday life;
• changes your appetite and compulsive cravings.

Additional effects of drug abuse involves personality problems:
• paranoia;• aggressiveness;• impulsiveness;• lack of self-control;• hallucinations; and• impaired judgment.

Drug abuse can cause many personal problems:
• arrests and jail;• driving accidents;• child abuse, neglect;• relationship troubles;• trouble at school, work, and loss of a job or career;• financial problems; and• fighting and violence in and outside the home.

The social effect of drug abuse, can include:
• drug addicts begin to isolate themselves, which only leads to depression and anxiety;• lack of motivation, goals, except to take the next hit, and lack of ambition;• feelings of anger and resentment toward people around them;

• harmful changes in eating and sleeping;• inability to deal with personal problems• the need to experiment with different drugs.

Drug abuse is an illness and a disease that can hurt family, friends, and all loved ones around you. Drug abuse can hurt all parts of the body and can cause health problems that may or may not go away. The effects of drug abuse will drastically change a person’s life in a very short time period, where a person begins to physically and mentally become dependent on their drug of choice.


By Carter Relyea