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Proven Tools For Ending Drug Addiction

Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart
Drug AddictionThat’s a saying I heard growing up. Here’s another one: If I knew then what I know now. What do we know now about drug addiction and how best to conquer it? Here’s a list of tools to use for winning a personal war against drug addiction:
1. A long talk with yourself.
You yourself can be your own worst enemy, or the best tool in the toolbox to eliminate your drug addiction. If looking in the mirror helps, do it. Tell yourself that you want and deserve personal freedom, not slavery to a destructive chemical. “Positive affirmation” is powerful.Anthony Robbins is credited with promoting a 4 step “cycle”. Potential, action, results, and belief are the 4 steps on the endless cycle:See the positive potential in a wise course to take,take action in accord with that wisdom, the inevitable great results you receive from that action create belief (faith) so that you stick with it. You owe it to you.

2. Get out of the mud.
If you want to clean up a muddy child, remove them from the mud puddle first. If the “friends” surrounding us wallow in a drug-infested pit, that’s no place to get clean. Tactfully but firmly remove yourself from that “misery loves company” crowd. They may not be terrorists, but ongoing association there will hurt you. If you struggle with questions of loyalty, see tool # 1 above.
3. A Health Food “Detox”.
No, this doesn’t mean some radical diet of pomegranates and Chia seeds only. Ever heard of fruits and vegetables? Flushing out the toxic residue in our bodies from drug abuse is both mandatory and easy. You have to eat anyhow.If you can afford less than $100.00 for the latest blender/juicer (you can, I just did) it’s money very well spent on your recovery. Fitness has alot of benefits that will aid you in your recovery and if you want to learn more go to Rocklibrary.org .Unlike the expense of drug addiction, you only buy this literal tool once. Even without the kitchen gadget, cleansing our body is affordable,smart, and tasty! Find out  more on how to successfully lose weight and keep it off and finally beat addiction for good.
4. Success loves company.
The word synergy basically means 1+1=3. You can lift 100 pounds, I can lift 100 pounds, but together we can lift 300 pounds. Don’t try to heroically lift the burden of drug addiction alone. Because you’re not alone. Thousands of people defeat drug addiction everyday….within the constant company of others. It doesn’t have to be an organized group or meeting, it just has to be done. No one furthers their drug addiction while associating with a drug-free crowd.
5. Professional help.
So far the tools listed that free one from drug addiction are at the disposal of everyone, since they require only free will and an unstoppable desire for happiness. Additionally, trained professionals offer their services to fight and defeat drug addiction. This option includes hypnotherapy, counseling, rehab facilities,detoxification programs, etc.Costs vary widely, but research into all details is both free and priceless.
The Key.
Oftentimes it happens that we live our life in chains, and we never even know we have the key. The key to ending your destructive drug addiction is you! Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from living the fulfilled life you deserve, freed from drug addiction forever!

By Carter Relyea