How To Fight Food Addiction

When we read about an addict we tend to think of some one who is a drug addict or even gambling . But a food addict is not really the first one to come to mind but this is a very serious problem that a lot of people suffer from everyday . There has been a steady increase of the obesity rate which is adding to this skyrocketing healthy care cost . People are living very unhealthy lives which is leading to so many different health conditions.

Food is necessary for growth and development of the human body . But there are some people who because of this disease they find them selfs eatting all day and all kinds of food . There foods that I love to eat and absolutely enjoy it , but those who are food addiction they need to eat when those craving comes one . Its just like any other addiction it is very serious and very real . Millions of people die for this and the many other addiction.

But there is a way that you can fight this addiction first you must know that you are not alone . There are people willing to help, just like with other addictions you must be willing to change and be open to the help and love that you will receive. Getting a nutrition and the right information that will help you make these changes in your life.  Below is a great infographic that is a great start .

how to fight food addiction

By Carter Relyea