How Do You Help An Addict?

When you have a suspicion that someone you know or love is an addict, it can be very hard on you. You might wonder, how do you help an addict? What can you do for them or do they even want you to try to help them out? It can be very hard being in the position that you are in, to know that someone you love is harming themselves but not feeling like there is anything that you can do to stop them.

Here are a few suggestions that will hopefully give you the encouragement and help that you need to get them through this time, and to potentially help them through their addiction.
The first thing that you are going to want to do, before you go ahead and confront them or anything like that, is to make sure that you know the signs of the problem. You’ll want to make sure that they truly are addicted, that they are really in need of help, before you talk to them and alienate them. If you see that all of the signs are there, then it is time for you to get into action and to get ready to offer your help to them.
Try talking to the addict and letting them know that you are there for them. If they push you away, don’t be surprised. This may take some time. Keep being there for them and showing them that they can come to you at any time. But, if they choose to keep pushing you away it may be time for you to do an intervention. Enlist some help from other family members or friends and get together to talk to the addict, letting them know that they can’t keep going on like this. Let them know how much you care and how you would love to help them if they would give you the chance.
If they agree to getting help, then it is time for you to go ahead and find a treatment facility. Research which one will be the best to meet their needs and then set it up. The treatment facility will offer great help to the addict and you won’t have to worry about doing things yourself any longer. They know how to deal with these kinds of cases and it is the best place for an addict to recover.
Don’t get your hopes up that everything will be perfect by the time that the one you love comes out of treatment, but do realize that this is only the beginning. There may be relapses and hard times ahead. There is for many addicts. But with you supporting them and being their friend through this time it will make their recovery much easier, and it will make them much less likely to relapse. Be there for them whenever they need you and just be a friend to them. You might not be able to save them from everything, but sometimes just being a friend and loving on them is all that you can do.


By Carter Relyea