Help For Drug Addiction

Depending on an addicts situation a number of treatment options are available,and they should be able to discuss with their doctor or drugs worker what is available and what options may be suit able for them. Most treatment plans should be formed of three phases, getting clean, learning to life drug free and planning for the future,doing it like this means they are much more likely to stay clean.

While becoming clean of drugs some people may be offered a medication to help relieve any feelings of withdrawal, it is advised these medications are used along side other treatments such as counseling, to ensure they have the best chance of future success. Using these can help an addict cope with their cravings much better and gives them the opportunity to consider how they are going to complete the next part of their plan to become drug free. Some medications are only used for a short time during the withdrawal process, while others can be used for a longer time and can be reduced, helping to wean an addict off a substance gradually

There are also behavioral treatments available, these will use a variety of methods to help give an addict the best chances of success. A drugs worker will be able to help make a pathway plan to identity what step somebody can take to lead a drug free life, and refer them to any professionals they may require help from. Services can include, regular counseling, group therapy sessions, cognitive-behavioral therapy and other therapy based treatments such as music or art therapy. Some therapies can also include family or friends so they can learn how to offer support. The use of behavior treatments like these can help an addict confront and understand the reasons they choose to use drugs, and give them the necessary skills required to build their willpower and remain drug free.

It is also possible to get help with more practical issues, such as finances, housing and childcare to enable someone to have the best possible chance of staying clean, a good drugs worker will be able to give information on the services available and make any necessary referrals. This can be a really important part of the recovery process as stress due to environmental factors can have a really negative effect on an addicts recovery.

If someone suffers form a severe addiction it is also possible to attend residential detox centres, which offer a residential service that lasts for a set period of time, some programmed only last around a week, while others can be as long as a year. This type of treatment is expensive and it can be hard to find a center with available places, different centre shave varying results and approaches so it is worth researching any facilities properly before booking a place. In some circumstances a judge may order that an addict has compulsory residential treatment instead of serving time in prison it the crimes committed have been connected to drug use.


By Carter Relyea